Patch 4.0 – Starfall!
September 29, 2017

Starfall is finally released, with countless changes and improvements! Since the changes are far too many to present easily here, we have created a Starfall patch notes site where you can see all the changes:

Patch 3.21.2 – Halloween!
October 12, 2016

This patch reintroduces the Spooky Town event zone, complete with tons of new Halloween-themed mounts, outfits and more!


  • Spooky Town has arrived! New toys, a new outfit, and a mount in the event. Also as stated before, this event relies a lot less on luck. Several of the mechanics in the event zone guarantee (or at least give you a very high success chance) at some progress.
  • New zone map for Spooky Town.
  • Added a feature that broadcasts a server message to alert players that an event boss has spawned (e.g. Spooky Druda). This way all players will know and have time to make it to the required area for the attack. (Note: because incarnations are special spawns, they will not broadcast a server message, but still broadcast a zone wide message for those already in Spooky Town).
  • Added a Fallen Heroes memorial in Ardent City.
  • Made some under the hood efficiency changes that should help the game run generally smoother, particularly when a lot of players are in the same zone, and even more particularly when a lot of players are all engaged with the same elder boss (like event zones).


As usual we have also fixed a lot of bugs and changed a few more things.

For the full patch notes, go here:

Patch 3.20.10 – Equinox and Mounts!
September 7, 2016

Version 3.20 is out, bringing exciting new content! Introducing mounts, faster base move speed, the Equinox event zone, and more!


There are now mounts in the game! There currently are 5 mounts for purchase, all available in the Item Shop.

Mobile improvements

  • Mail now enabled for mobile – send messages and items to other players
  • Mobile support for Mounts
  • New, improved HUD with better health/spirit/XP bars, level indicator and more
  • New NPC dialogue UI
  • Better loading screens showcasing game features and providing tips and tricks

And more!

This patch also brings many other features and bugfixes.

For the full patch notes, go here:

Patch 3.17.7
September 6, 2016

This patch overhauls the monster part system of the game, revamps the higher tutorial zones, and reintroduces the Midsummer event zone.

Patch 3.15.18
April 20, 2016

This update provides a massive overhaul of the tutorial zones, along with numerous bugfixes and improvements.

Patch 3.14.8
March 13, 2016

This is a small bug fix patch with general improvements.

Patch 3.13.0 – The Copse Of The Treants
February 3, 2016

New high-level zone: Copse Of The Treants

New content is here! Enter the ‘Copse of the Treants’ and pick up where the story left off in Bevyn’s Coille. Dionte continues to need heroes to help prove his innocence, and end the war between the Spriggans and the Treants.

Level cap raise

The max level has been raised to 79 for all skills.

Return of event zone: Sugarsweet Summit

Sugarsweet Summit has just swooped in with all of its candy loving fun and deliciously evil creatures! (Not to mention some lively new outfits and toys!)

Crown Gifting

You can now gift crowns to other players using the Item Shop.

And more!

This patch also brings many other features and bugfixes.

For the full patch notes, go here:

Patch 3.11.0
January 11, 2016

This is a small patch containing various bugfixes and improvements.

For the full patch notes, see the forum thread.

Patch 3.10.4
January 6, 2016

This small patch removes Grinchta’s Lair, and contains various bugfixes and improvements.

For the full patch notes, see the forum thread.

Patch 3.9.4 – Christmas
December 11, 2015


Christmas is here! Grinchta’s Lair has once again arrived in Ardent – along with the Holiday Calendar!

New Crafting Tutorials

The Ethos island crafting tutorial quests have been completely revamped to focus on creating items that are good for whatever class you are playing. While not every part of every quest is unique, each class should have a fairly unique experience and come out the other end with valuable items that they can use.

Lag fix

This patch fixes some things that were causing player feats to sometimes stall for a few seconds.

Repair cost decrease

Repairs are now 20% cheaper.

Bugfixes and general improvements

As usual, this update contains many bugfixes and small improvements.

For the full patch notes, go here: