Fan Websites

We believe it’s the players that bring the game to life! So, here are some of the websites that players of the game have created:

  • V&H Wiki: The community-driven V&H Wiki! Contains information on practically everything within the game.
  • VHAML: Gamer guided website collected by gamers for gamers, to enrich the gaming experience for new and experienced players. Here we pride ourselves in being the best how-to and quick-find listing of compiled data by active players.
  • Villagers & Heroes Gathering Information: This is a comprehensive listing of all gather items in the game, and their locations.
  • VHDB:
  • Villagers & Heroes Guide: Created by the guild Legends Reborn, this incredibly comprehensive site covers every aspect of the game with information that will aid all players, veteran or new, or in-between, alike.

If you have a fan website that you’d like us to add to this list, please send us an email!

[email protected]