Early in 2011 I began looking for a game to play when the one I was playing closed. I don’t like to jump from game to game, but I was desperately looking for something to play where I felt I “fit in”, so when I got the email telling me I was chosen to be a Closed Beta Tester for A Mystical Land I jumped at the chance. I entered the game March 15, 2011 and it felt like “home”. I was hooked that first day! I loved everything about the game and it’s never failed to entertain me during my daily play ever since.

There are so many things I love it would be impossible to choose just one thing. Being able to choose what I want to do is important to me, I do not want to feel like I am being led through a game, I want to be in charge of what I do. Having a wonderful community full of helpful, fun and friendly people from all over the world. Being able to craft, gather, engage in combat or just chat with in-game friends is also important to me.

The easy going and friendly atmosphere that seems to be built into the game is so very different than the other games I tried. What really impressed me from the start was the ease with which the game works, it is so easy to move around the game unlike so many others I tried, there are not a lot of complicated boxes and controls I need to worry about and I like the scale of the game; it really makes you feel like you are a part of your surroundings, not looking down into a game.

The Developer Mad Otter and Game Manager/Producers Neonga Nation are so easy to talk to and accessible. They care about the players, listen to our concerns and suggestions, are quick to solve problems and do not make us feel like we are a bother! So refreshing to find such a nice place to play!

– IrishElf

This game is AMAZING !! I have been playing since beta, and absolutely love it, I am thoroughly hooked !! I have tried several other games, but none compare, or come even close !! Great action, quests, and so many things to do ! Also, a great friendly community of players.

– Trisali

I was lost, the game I loved so much was closing and I had no where to go. Would I ever find someplace else to fit into like I did in my old game? Would I ever find a community that was as supportive, a game that was as relaxing but challenging at the same time, a game that let me play the way I wanted to. A place I could lose myself for hours on end and not be bored. The answer was yes, and it came in the form of a new game I was given the privilege of beta testing.

I was hesitant at first because it was something very new and different to me. But I soon fell in love with all aspects of this game. Not only could I sit in Ardent and chat away with wonderful friends and strangers while crafting something new for my toon. But I could go fell evil foes whenever I felt like it. And all in a world that still has me in awe of it’s beauty.

I have watched this game grow and blossom over the years into something simply amazing. And I feel so thankful I have gotten to be a part of A Mystical Land such as this one. Where you can lose yourself for hours, or just pop in for a little bit to garden and tend your sheep. A place where friendships have formed, skills have been tested, and something new is always waiting just around the corner to be found.

– Soy Azeltin

Wow… I have been an addict since beta. It’s honestly probably the best free to play game I’ve ever played. I’m not really a huge fan of just fighting, so I stick to crafting. In game, I’m Flying Flapjack, anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love crafting! Plus the devs have done a great job. To anyone who hasn’t played the game yet, what are you waiting for?!

– Flying Flapjack

I’ve played for almost two years and watching the growth and progress of this unique game has been thrilling. It’s a true original; a niche game in the massive MMO industry. It’s welcoming and easy to learn for players new to gaming, yet challenging enough to keep more experienced gamers coming back for more. Child-friendly with a surprisingly large contingent of middle-aged players…and everything in between! Close community, free to play, responsive devs and continuous game improvements mark this one a winner. TRY IT!

– Truthfairy

I have been playing this game for about a year or so, and since the start, I fell in love with the game. I have played loads of games but what makes this game special is the community. When I started playing the game what I found that I liked most was how helpful everyone was. If anyone needed an item, there would always be 2 or 3 or even more players helping them get it, or giving it away for free. You need help in quest, there would be people willing to help you out. I feel the community and the players in this game are like my second family. It seems as if they are my online family.

What sets this game apart from others is that the devs listen to the players and most of the changes that have been incorporated in the game are the ones that players asked for it. I really like how close the devs have interaction with the players. This is what makes us players special and we feel that the devs do listen to us. Moreover gameplay is easy and the game is easy to learn and the game itself is easy to play. If anyone who has not played this game is reading this I strongly recommend this game and ask them to give it a try. You will love it.

– Red Wizard

I have been playing this game for 2 years now and enjoy it completely. If you are looking for a great game with an even more amazing community – this is the game for you. The developers are really awesome at adding new content and keeping the game unique and fun. The game is very active with players, moderators, and support.

– Lenichole