Support And Troubleshooting

Support and Troubleshooting

We encourage you to read over these Commonly Reported Problems and Solutions, before contacting Customer Support. If these don’t help, then please Contact Customer Support Here.

You may also send an email to [email protected]. Finally, you can get help from your fellow players by posting on the Bugs and Technical Issues section of the Forums.

If you are experiencing a problem with the game, the first thing we recommend is to simply reboot your computer. This will fix many problems.

Issue: I can’t play the Game.

  1. Try rebooting your computer, modem, and router.
  2. If that doesn’t work, your Anti-Virus software may be blocking the Game. To fix this, you will need to open your Anti-Virus software, and then mark the game as “Trusted”. You will need to mark the files VHPatcher.exe, VHLauncher.exe, and VillagersandHeroes.exe as “Trusted”. In addition, you may need to disable “Automatic Sandbox mode” in your Anti-Virus software. We recommend reading the documentation from your Anti-Virus software manufacturer for more detailed instructions.

Issue: I am frequently disconnected from the game.

Like other online MMO games, Villagers & Heroes uses more bandwidth than simply browsing webpages. Therefore, while you may have no problems browsing the web, if your internet connection is weak, you may be disconnected occasionally while playing Villagers & Heroes. So if you are frequently disconnected, we recommend the following:

  1. Try rebooting your computer, modem, and router.
  2. If that doesn’t work, and if you are playing with a wireless connection, try switching to wired to see if this fixes it. If it does, you know the problem is a weak wireless connection. In this case, the solution is to either continue to use a wired connection, or, alternately, you can try adding a Wireless Repeater / Wireless Range Extender ( for example, Wireless Range Extenders on Amazon ).
  3. If neither of the above solve your problem, you may wish to contact your internet service provider. You may have a poor connection, and they may be able to boost your signal. Note: Neither Mad Otter nor Neonga are responsible for your costs if you do this.

Issue: I want to reset my password.

You can reset your password by doing the following:

  1. Run the Game normally.
  2. On the Sign In screen, at the bottom, there is an option for “Forgot your password?”. Press it to receive an email with a new password.

Issue: When I try to run the game, I see this message “An instance of the game is already running; exiting…”.

In this case, we recommend that you reboot your computer. If this does not fix the problem, please contact Customer Support.

Issue: When the Game Launcher runs, the progress bar gets stuck and the Play button never shows up.

The Game Launcher is the window with the Villagers & Heroes Logo at the top, a News section, and a progress bar at the bottom. If the progress bar stops moving for more than two minutes, try closing the Game Launcher and running it again. If this does not solve the problem, please contact Customer Support.

Issue: When I press the Play button (at the lower right in the Game Launcher), the game won’t run or it does run, but there are strange problems in the game.

Quit the game if you are playing, rerun the Launcher, then go to options (the gear symbol in the upper right) and select “Verify Assets”. This will check all of your game files, and fix any that are bad. It takes a few minutes.

Issue: The Game Launcher won’t run at all.

If when you run the game, the launcher window does not open at all, we recommend you reboot your computer, and try running the game again. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then redownload the game from here, and re-install it. If this does not fix the problem, please contact Customer Support.

Issue: Items continue to disappear from our Village Vault.

We have reviewed many cases like this, and in every case we reviewed, it turned out that one of the village members was, *ahem*, making secret withdrawals. In a future upgrade, we will add a journal to the vault so village members can review all deposits and withdrawals. Another upgrade will allow the village to restrict access to different sections of the Vault.

Issue: I can’t move items around in my inventory.

The inventory system defaults to a “sticky cursor”. This means that when you click on an icon and release the mouse button, the cursor will grab hold of the item. You can then move the item to the new location you want to drop it, and when you click again it will drop into place. This is different than “drag-and-drop” where you hold the mouse button down while moving an icon. If you don’t like this feature, you can disable it from Settings->Display->Sticky Cursor (uncheck the box).

Issue: I gained a level in my fighting skill, but didn’t receive my talent point.

If this has happened, please log out and back in again and your missing talent point should reappear. If relogging hasn’t helped, please contact Customer Support, so we can check your character.

Issue: I have a low Frame Rate when I play Villagers & Heroes.

Please try the following to see if it solves your problem:

  1. First, if you are using a laptop or notebook, please check if you have a low frame rate only when your laptop is running on battery (not plugged in). Some laptops are configured to throttle down performance drastically when using the battery to extend the battery’s run time. If plugging in your laptop or notebook fixes your frame rate problem, then the solution is to either plug in your laptop or switch to maximum performance while using battery in your computer’s options.
  2. Second, please check if your computer is using the correct graphics device for Villagers & Heroes. Many computers today have an on-board (inferior) graphics chip on their main board in addition to their dedicated graphics card. If your computer is not using the dedicated graphics device, your frame rate will suffer.The following videos explain how to check if your computer uses the correct graphics device for Villagers & Heroes, and how to change it if it doesn’t:
  3. Finally, please try lowering the graphic detail in the game to see if this improves the Frame Rate:
    1. Open Menu
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Reduce the Graphic Details or click on Advanced and use the sliders (reducing the Visible Distance Slider usually has the greatest impact on performance)

Note: You can check your frame rate in Villagers & Heroes by pressing Shift-Z while playing (or pressing Shift-Y if you are using a keyboard with QWERTZ layout). You can see the Frames-Per-Second in the “FPS” read-out.

Issue: I have lost an item because of a bug or server problem.

If you have lost an item because of a bug or a server crash, please contact Customer Support.

Please tell us exactly what item (or items) you lost, on which character you lost them and when you lost them (if you don’t know, then when you have seen them last) and we will investigate the issue and reimburse your item(s).

If you don’t play on the US server, but still want to use the US Support System, please tell us clearly on what server you are playing, so that we can find your character in our logs and tools.

Issue: When I try to run the game I see a message like: “Unable to initialize graphics drivers”.

This error is usually fixed by installing the latest drivers for your graphics device.

If you want to update your drivers, you may:

  • Let Windows do a search for the latest drivers for your card and if this doesn’t work, you can search for them yourself and install them manually.
  • If you are not very computer savvy, there are a lot of good instructions on the internet, and there are even YouTube videos, like this one: How to update your Graphics Card Drivers for PCs

If you want to download the drivers manually, we suggest you first try the website for your computer’s manufacturer, and only if they don’t provide any drivers for your graphics card, download them directly from your card’s manufacturer. For this, you will need to know the manufacturer of your card and ideally what card exactly you have (but most manufacturers also have auto-detect apps on their driver download websites nowadays).

Most computers are using some kind of GeForce (made by Nvidia), Radeon (made by AMD), or an Intel HD graphics device/chip (there are other manufacturers of course) and these are the links to the driver download websites: