The Seven Realms are riddled with dangerous races and vile creatures, hoping to prevail against the heroes that seek their destruction.

Unlike bounty bosses or Elder bosses, most enemies of the world can be easily dispensed with, though become dangerous with numbers. Most bosses have a league of subordinates attempting to slow your pace and weaken your trek to their dark lairs.


All enemies grant combat experience after a player has defeated them. The experience granted will be based off of the level of the monster, but then modified by several factors including player level, experience bonus, and party penalty.

In general, if a player is killing monsters at or near their level, approximately fifteen monster kills will equal the amount of experience from one bounty boss.

Races and Zogs

There are over seventy different races currently discovered in the three realms available to heroes (Ardent, Stormhold, and Greenhaven). There are Abyssas, Minotaurs, Wolves, Wargs, Boars, Pelters, Bog Frogs, Wererodents, Neanderthals, Hellcats, Gargoyles, Daggertooths, Redcaps, Trolls, Spiders, and many more.

Each Race in the Seven Realm has a special item unique to that race called a Zog. A Zog is a magical imbuement, a badge, symbolic of each race and accumulated by the powerful members of the race. Occasionally players can find zogs from monsters, albeit rare. Zogs can be collected and turned in at ‘Traders Path’ for extra rewards as well as achievements.

Currently Discovered Races and Zogs

sidhe Sindahl Skeleton Soul Speleosaur spider sprite sylph tarantula ThornyPelter Troll TuskedOgre Tuskermoon tutorialTarget Vargamoor Warg waterspirit Wolf Yeti abyssa ArcheryTarget azar Banshee Barreltank Bearkin bee Boar BogFrogOld CaveBrute cora corikite Craggej Elemental ember_skink f_azar Fairy ForestGiant fungi GargoyleFiend GargoyleWhelp Generic_female Generic_male Ghoul Giant Gnoll Gnome GoblinBasher GoblinSmasher GoblinWitch Gouger HellCat HobgoblinScamp HornedFiend ice_elemental Lizard01 Lizard02 Lizard03 mara Minotaur Nip Oogre pelog pirate pixi pygmy Rat RatKing Razorback Razorback_Warriormarahead_greenmarahead_bluemarahead_purple

Monster Parts

One of the main benefit of killing enemies is to collect monster parts. Monster parts have various version and types, and are all used in crafting powerful weapons and armor.

Pelts are a foundational piece to any leather wearer. A tailor can work pelts into fine hides to make crafted gear.
Fangs are excellent ornaments to a fine pair of gloves. These sharp teeth help provide extra protection, and are stylish as well.
Tusks are great ornaments for a nice pair of gloves. The Tusk can be ground into a fine dust that helps to add a layer of protection.
Quills are excellent for weaving into fine crafted belts. Their strong fibers help add durability and protection. They are additionally used for some hunter bows.
Bristles can be woven into the fibers of special armors to add strength and durability. They can also be used to string hunters bows.
Scales are an excellent source of protection to many types of chest pieces. A true example of how nature always seems to do it best.
While milk is often drank for its calcium, it can also be used to strengthen a pair of boots to resist rot and water damage.
Claws accessories belts splendidly, as they are both functional and stylish.
Fine silk threads can be enchanted and woven into fine garments that are both functional and comfortable. Silk can also be woven to make incredibly strong bow strings.
A good horn can be hollowed out, carved, then attached to the heel or toe of a pair of boots to add extra stability and protection.