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The Ardent Monthly Ledger - Issue 12
October 28, 2015

Coming in November: Bevyn’s Coille!

Behold a closer look at Bevyn’s Coille! The adventure picks up right where it left off, only now players will find the area known as ‘the bog’ much changed. What was once a bleak little spot, yellowish and murky, with nothing in it at all save for a wordy NPC with a couple of goodies and a some disappointing remarks about the passageway to Sunkentooth is now a place of great beauty filled with many a wondrous sight, and more than a few challenges which are bound to keep players thoroughly occupied for quite some time.

Stay tuned for more reveals next week…

Gathering tips!

A big thank you to BoxySister of US 1 for submitting the following gathering tips!

When gathering to increase chances of using fewer supplies, number of items gathered, the number of lucky finds and the odds of getting motes:

  • Wear the gathering crown
  • Eat a bug at your combat level
  • Munch an herb at your combat level
  • Drink a triad at your combat level
  • Eat an overflowing cornucopia
  • Use village xp boost if you have one
  • Exchange your cogs for premium supplies
  • Gather in your village

Player: Astro1
Server: US1
Class: Wizard

Our star investigative reporter, Puzzler, has been out in the field again! This time she has interviewed Astro1 of US 1. (You might remember Astro from last week’s edition of the Ledger, when she was pictured with a pumpkin on her head!) Thank you, Puzzler and Astro1!

Tell us 3 facts about yourself! What should we all know?
I will keep this simple, I am a married mother of two with a dog. I live in Canada and my latest career is a math and science teacher.

Why is Canada the greatest place on Earth? For many reasons, the main ones, universal health care, gun control laws and that we have a reputation for being nice! One more, our Prime Minister elect is really nice to look at.

The gorgeous PM of Canada.

How did it feel having your head in that pumpkin last Halloween? Was it as exciting as we all suspect it was? Not at all exciting, mostly trying to avoid panic (claustrophobia anyone) and to keep from falling off.

What is one thing you’d change about this game? Dragon eggs we can raise and trade.

If you had a million (Canadian) dollars and only 24 hours to spend it, what would you do? Buy one heck of a cottage and new outfit for each of my guildies.

What’s the best class to play? Why?If you had to live in one zone in V&H, which one would it be? Keppel, the water is wonderful, there are several spots for my dream cottage.

Imagine knowing someone you want to play Villagers and Heroes, but they are reuluctant, what do you say to them, what do you do to MAKE them play? I don’t make people do anything if I can avoid it. This game is for fun and they should enjoy it.

What was your favorite in-game event? The Christmas zone, not sure why but it is fun.

If you could be the Queen of the Universe, what would be your first order of business? Queen of the Universe, guess stop all the wars and make sure everyone had enough to eat.

What would we do without Avenian and The Sneaky Scribbler? These two ace volunteer reporters have not been idle, and have again served us up another round of deliciously readable articles! Thank you, Avenian and Sneaky Scribbler!

Off-Roading: Village Style By Avenian (US 1):

One of the great facets of V&H is that there is a lot that you can do. Crafting, gathering, questing, bounty runs, event zones, or even hanging out and chatting are just a few of tasks to occupy your time. One thing that I like to do every once in a while is to do some “off-roading”. Exploring areas of a zone and find spots that we were not meant to travel to. Sometimes this can mean climbing pillars, columns, or finding a point of no return. A couple of my favs can be found in the village.

You know that tall waterfall in the village. It is actually possible to get to the top of it, and your reward is a great view of your village. This will be a great spot to get a nice shot of the village skies once the Empyrean Machine in your village is operational. You can also drop down behind the waterfall to find a secret spot for you and that special someone to share a romantic evening.

If you want an even more secluded spot, there is a nice little river that can found in the upper left section of the village map. It is not shown on the map, but travelling there will find a location within a valley with a nice little river. Perhaps this is the secret source of the village waterfall or the location of the next village expansion…the nudist colony (see Fan Friday Submission Oct 3-10 from last year for details.)
What out of the way spot of have you ventured to?

From The Sneaky Scribbler (US 2):

You said it:

On family ties:
“I also call my dad Ma’am so it’s not as weird as you think.” — TheMcArcher (US2)

On Halloween:
“It’s just been that way since I was a kid, only now I don’t eat candy and throw up.” –Ysidra (US2)

On excuses:
“But I continue to spam because I have a controller. He tells me what to type.” –Anna Thundering (US2)

“My Ding-a-ling, my ding-a-ling, I want you to play with my ding-a-ling.” –Foxxy VanCanuck (US2)

On discovery:
“My first MMO, I wondered who Ty was. He seemed very popular.” –Greenpuppy (US2)

On how to spend the winter:
“I’ll make candles out of walrus blubber and throw igloo parties.” –Lionhearts (US2)

‘Beautiful Ardent’ Brought To You by the Ardent Woodcutters

In case there was any doubt that the Otters like to have fun, especially at Halloween, we thought you might get a kick out of seeing Chief Otter Damon’s Halloween costume from several years ago. (Yes, he went like this to a Halloween party!)
So. The big trivia question for our Ledger readers is this: What is Damon’s costume? (Specifically, who is he supposed to be?) The first to post on the forums with the correct answer, will be rewarded with a surprise Halloween goodie!

Fan Friday Winners!

Just in case some of you missed the winning entries of last week’s Fan Friday contest, never fear, because here at the Ledger we LOVE showing off the amazing creative work of our players!

First place: Anarky (US 1) – ‘Okyris and Me – Memories’

Second place: Sarah05 (EU 2) – ‘Terracotta Army – Sensational Archeological Find in China’

Third Place: Wait (US1) – ‘Blue Dragon Tush’

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