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The Ardent Monthly Ledger - Issue 19
April 8, 2016

Villagers & Heroes Is Going Mobile!

Thaaaat’s, right! We are absolutely thrilled to at last be able to share our big, juicy secret with you all, which is this: for the past eighteen months, the Otter team, with much drive and determination, have been working exhaustively upon, and have succeeded in, porting our very large scale MMO, Villagers & Heroes, onto Android devices.

V&H is going mobile! It hasn’t been easy (understatement), and we would first and most of all like to thank all of you, our players, for your steadfast faith and support in our game, and also for your patience – especially these past few months. We know it very likely seemed to you all as though nothing new had been happening lately, or that perhaps various issues were being overlooked. They weren’t. Please know that. Some time ago, we set a target of April as being the month in which we would release the soft launch of V&H onto Android, so things have been hectic, to say the least, these past six weeks. But guess what? Happily, we have reached our goal!

In just a few weeks from now, in April, we will be doing the ‘Beta’ launch. By ‘Beta,’ we mean that a very small portion of the public, specifically the United Kingdom, and only 1% there, will have the opportunity to live ‘playtest’ Villagers & Heroes through their Android devices via the Google Play Store. So head’s up, EU 1: get ready for a whole lot of activity on your server very soon, because that’s where these mobile players will be going, and nowhere else!

The soft launch is just the beginning. We hope you all will celebrate with us, this shiny new door that is about to be opened for Villagers & Heroes. To put it into perspective: no other MMO the size and scope of V&H currently exists on any mobile platform. The future is bright, folks! So again, let us celebrate, and please especially toast yourselves for making this game what it is today. There would be no shiny door about to be opening for V&H, were it not for you all, our truly extraordinary player community. We thank you, so much.

Since you surely have many questions about V&H and mobile, here is a brief FAQ, courtesy of Ivar, to answer some of the more obvious ones.

First of all, simply to make things clear – we are not leaving PC behind. The PC version will be around for as long as V&H will exist, and (as detailed below) both versions will receive all updates we make.

Can I play V&H on the tablet or phone I have?
Currently, the game supports most high-end Android devices. This includes both tablets and phones, though this release is optimized for tablets and certain parts of the game may feel too small on phones. It is a free download however, so absolutely feel free to try the game on your phone! For those of you with iPhones or Windows Phones, we may release versions for these platforms in the future.

Does this mean you will focus less on the PC version?
Not at all! On the contrary, updates are fully shared – meaning that if we release new content, bug fixes, more zones or anything like that, it automatically happens on both PC and mobile. Certain things like controls and UI is platform-specific, but in general all additions and improvements we make from here on will affect all versions of the game.

I currently play Villagers & Heroes on PC. Can I play on mobile with my current account?
Absolutely! One of the biggest feature of the mobile release is the ability to play seamlessly between mobile and PC. If you have a V&H account, you can log into it no matter what you’re playing on, and keep all your characters and progress.

Can people on PC and mobile play together?
For sure. As mentioned above, anyone can play seamlessly between mobile and PC which also means that everyone can play together with everyone, as long as they are on the same server.

Do I have to play on a specific server?
Not at all – the mobile version can connect to any server just like the PC version.

Does the mobile version have all the features of the PC version?
Not at the current moment. Certain features are scheduled to be released in a later update, such as mail, advanced village features, house customization, friends lists and more. That being said, since you can play both mobile and PC with your account, these things are still fully accessible if you log onto a PC.

Are there any features that are unique to the mobile version?
Indeed there are! Most of them are related to the mobile UI, such as an auto-sorted inventory, a more useable map and bounty list, contextual gnogmenting (more on this later!) and more. The core game does remain pretty much identical.

Can I be online on mobile and PC at the same time?
No. You have to log out before you can log into a different device – in the same way that you cannot play on two computers simultaneously.

Is the game still free on mobile?
Pricing is identical to on PC, meaning that the game itself is 100% free. The item shop exists on mobile as well and contains the same items for the same prices.

And here is Sighfrid of EU 1 with another fantastic contribution! Please enjoy his latest card, that of the notorious foe, Amiens!

Card V&H Amiens


Congratulations, and a sincere thank you to the following five individuals for their outstanding contributions to Villagers & Heroes, and for always going above and beyond in their efforts for the game and community.

The Royal Guardians of the Realm for the month of March are:

Braedraza (US 1)

Galahad (US 2)

DaiseeCleisee (BR)

FaMar (EU 1)

Brave13 (EU 2)

The Sneaky Scribbler has been furtively creeping around, not just US 2, but several other servers as well this past month! Thanks, Scribbler, for amusing us again as always.

From The Sneaky Scribbler:

You said it:

V&H infomercials:
“Are you tired of getting stuck in runs?? All alone? Don’t wait — order your life saving “hero call” now… never again will you have to shout “help! I’m being attacked and I can’t fight back!” –Themis (US2)

Talking out of both sides of your… nose:
mr1 we can’t really tell from your nose who you’re talking to, sorry.” –Ekimie (EU-EN)

You tell me:
“What’s that American phrase about doggie treats and underwear??” –Chequa (US2)

When combat goes wrong:
“Could you pull me in a wagon? I’ll wear bells.” –Sergeant (US1)

On hardship:
“It’s not easy being green.” –greenpuppy (US2)

On real life:
“Real life sounds scary to be honest. I heard there was no respawn point.” –Grace Divine (US2)

On vegetables:

On friendship:
“I bite because I care.” –Chandii (US2)

Let’s hear it for our community, and their fabulous Fan Friday creations of the past two months! Have a look….


Did you know that Avenian of US 1, in addition to having a great many amusing anecdotes and helpful suggestions for V&H players, also dispenses words of wisdom about issues in real life? Well, he certainly does. Avenian, this month, specifically has some words for Otter Damon, and has written him a letter. Thanks (I think?), Avenian!

Avenian’s Letter To Damon

Dear Damon,

As you may or may not be aware of, you are apparently going to be married. As a concerned citizen of Ardent, I would like to offer up some advice to hopefully help you with your future endeavours. Even though I have only been married once and going on 10 years now, I believe that I can provide some helpful hints for your impending doom…I mean your years of wedded bliss.

Early on in my new role of husband, I was given the book, “Stuff Every Husband Should Know” by Erik San Juan. Ironically, this book was given to me by my wife for some reason or reasons that I am still not aware of. This book, much like that puberty book my parents gave me, contains valuable information of which I would like to share…the husband book, not the puberty book.

The Ten Commandments of Marriage

  1. Kids come first. If there are no kids, your wife comes first.
  2. Be kind. A cruel word, once said, cannot be unsaid.
  3. Your wife is always the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.
  4. Your wife is always the best sex you’ve ever had.
  5. Everything is your fault. Learn to embrace this.
  6. When your wife says “fine”, it means she is not happy.
  7. Don’t seek to change each other, seek to accept each other.
  8. Let the past say in the past. Your marriage is about today and tomorrow.
  9. Your wedding anniversary and your wife’s birthday are the most important holidays of the year.
  10. Laugh. A lot. Laugh with her. Laugh at yourself.


So, hopefully this will help you through your many years with your wife-to-be as you grow with each other. Also, I have not and will not be receiving any royalties from the above book. However, I will accept swag dropped into my Item Shop Bag for relaying this important lifesaving advice to you.





Monster: Growshia
Race: Fairy
Location: Ardent Castle

Despite her angelic face and lovely honeyed voice, Growshia was in fact a nasty little thing who took great delight in tormenting the other fairies in the garden with her unrelenting spiteful barbs. Zipping and darting amidst the colorful blossoms of the castle grounds, she would mock hefty Verna’s oversized girth, or mimic poor Jasper’s unfortunate lisp, or even just needle elderly Brock about his arthritic old wings.

She was awful to every fairy, but one – Lorenzo. With his perfectly coiffed golden hair and dazzling white smile, he indeed cut a dashing figure and Growshia was hopelessly besotted with him. Lorenzo, however, ignored her altogether, for he had eyes only for Petula, a dainty little fairy with a chirpy giggle that scraped across every last one of Growshia’s sour nerves.

One afternoon, determined that he notice her, Growshia spent hours soaking her wings in fragrant rose petal water, then clad herself in a bejeweled gown so that she glittered as brightly as Lorenzo’s sparkling teeth, and completed the picture by tucking her dark curls beneath a frosty pink bonnet identical to the one worn by her tittering rival.

Dressed so, Growshia demurely flapped her little wings, took to the air, and coquettishly flew round and round Lorenzo, who noticed her not at all. His eyes were fixed only upon Petula, who of course chirpily giggled under his admiring gaze. Mightily aggrieved, Growshia wished for the hundredth time that Petula were a disfigured ogre with a belching roar that would send Lorenzo scrambling into Growshia’s arms.

Her spirits being low after this latest failure, Growshia needed to cheer herself up, and, so, flew into the castle dungeon to engage in one of her other favorite pastimes – taunting the gloomy prisoners with whispered words of the glorious freedom that was never to be theirs. She achieved the desired result with the first two prisoners, who promptly burst into tears, but not with the third.

A peculiar, dark-haired man, neither old nor young, he wore a hooded mauve cloak and peered at Growshia with steel grey eyes that felt eerily as though they could see all the way inside of her. And apparently they could. With a strange smile, the man told Growshia that he could read her heart’s truest desire as clearly as if it were written upon parchment, and, should she do him a small favor, he would be happy to give her that which she yearned for most. His name was Timon, he added, in that softly melodic voice of his.

Was she under a spell? Growshia didn’t know or care, for having Lorenzo was all that mattered and all she thought of as she quickly rummaged through the sleeping guard’s pockets and procured the key. She released Timon from his cell. He bowed graciously to her, then gently pressed his palm over her rapidly beating heart, and said simply that it had come to pass. Growshia sailed out of the dungeon.

As she soared ecstatically into the garden, she was met with a scene of great chaos. Mangled flowers, hundreds, lay tattered upon the ground while up in the sky fairies shrieked in horror as they ducked and dodged the flying tree trunks being hurled violently through the air. It was then that Growshia heard the belching roar, and saw the hideous ogre with a frosty pink bonnet atop its bulbous head.

Mammoth and repulsive, the giant beast furiously ravaged the garden and seemed intent upon one fairy only. Lorenzo, his beautiful golden locks in much disarray, scrambled frantically through the air and made straight for Growshia, who, bewildered, screamed as he collapsed into her arms.

They tumbled to the ground. Growshia held him, but for a moment, before the bellowing ogre snatched Lorenzo and unceremoniously crammed the shrieking fairy into her gaping mouth. Petula ate Lorenzo. Sated, the ogre re-adjusted her frosty pink bonnet and lumbered out of the garden.

Growshia wept. But her tears quickly turned to fury when she caught sight of the hooded mauve figure standing calmly amidst the wreckage, speaking softly to several of the other fairies. Growshia irately zoomed toward Timon, who gently placed a palm first over Verna’s heart, then over Jasper’s, and finally over elderly Brock’s old heart. At last, Timon turned and benignly faced the furious Growshia.

Fully prepared to demand that he bring Lorenzo back, Growshia, to her horror, discovered that it was not words which streamed from her mouth, but rather a long chirpy giggle. She tried again, but still only sprightly laughter trickled musically out of her usually snide mouth. Verna, Jasper, and Brock grinned with delight, well pleased that their identical wishes had all been granted. They turned to thank their kindly benefactor, but the mysterious Timon was already gone.

In the sprawling garden of Ardent Castle, Growshia can still be found zipping and darting amongst the colorful blossoms. But visitors take heed, for despite her perky laughter this vicious little fairy wants only to draw blood.


The Death Contest!

Ah, Spring, that glorious time of renewal when the world bursts forth with colorful new life! But while blooming flowers are admired, and the scent of freshly mowed lawns are inhaled, and the newly hatched birdies are deemed oh so cute, what about poor old Death?

Death is routinely ignored in the springtime, and it just isn’t fair. Fortunately, our dear Puzzler, ever the champion of equal rights, has ensured that this year, Death, too, will get its proper nod.

Puzzler has devised a wonderfully creative contest for you all on the forums: THE DEATH CONTEST! She asks that you write an obituary for any recently deceased bounty, supply a picture of a slain player killed in an unusual place with a brief description, and lastly to submit an action screen shot of impending death. So let loose your imaginations, folks!

Big prizes! Hurry, and submit your entries before the deadline of April 20, midnight, EST. For more details, please visit our forums here.

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