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The Ardent Monthly Ledger - Issue #28
September 14, 2018

Summer is coming to an end, which is always dreary news. The long, warm evenings are getting shorter and colder, picnic baskets are getting shoved back into closets, socks and sweaters are grumpily being pulled out of drawers again. It’s all such a drag, isn’t it?

If only there were something. Something to brighten our moods and fill us all with cheery anticipation. If only there were a giant and new, truly exciting thing about to be delivered into our hands.

Pssst. There is! What better cure for your end-of-summer blues than a brand new expansion from Villagers & Heroes?

The Wrath of the Black Thrush approaches! What’s in it? Oh, not much, just some brand new high level content, some very dense and adventurous new mid-level content, a massive slew of mobile improvements and features, and the introduction of a tiny little thing called REPEATABLE GROUP CONTENT IN THE FORM OF DUNGEONS!

So. How’s the rest of your September looking now? Better? We hope so, because this expansion most definitely has something for everyone in it!

Questers, both high and low, get ready for brand new zones filled with beauty and intrigue, and meaty story-driven quests with a few surprising new game mechanics within them. Winding its way through nine different zones, for example, and taking players up to level 35, the latest chapter in the ongoing narrative of the Black Thrush has arrived! The silent numbers of these deadly masked villains have grown, and an insidious new plot is underway. Unravel secrets of the past which have eerily tangled with the present. Few will emerge unscathed from this intriguing and perilous journey.

Mobile players, say goodbye to frustrating inventory management problems, item shop issues, and much more, because we’ve completely redesigned large portions of the UI and added a number of sleek new features to the mobile V&H experience!

And all players who have longed for a new form of unlimited gameplay with their peers, one with competition and pressure, and truly lavish rewards which can be repeated without end, then your day has arrived. The exciting addition of Dungeons marks a stimulating change to the landscape of our game!

In short, summer might be drawing to a close, but with the arrival of Wrath of the Black Thrush, the fun is only just beginning in Villagers & Heroes. :)

With every new expansion, we strive to improve the V&H mobile gaming experience for all of our players, and Wrath of the Black Thrush is no exception!

So. How many of you iOS and Android players out there have enviously wished that, as with PC, you, too, could be entirely in control of managing your own inventories without being frustratingly dependent upon a somewhat rigid and unintuitive system which renders you powerless to organize your own vaults, bags, and trunks? We think quite a few of you.

So with Wrath of the Black Thrush we can happily tell you all that those frustrating days of powerlessness are gone forever!

Mobile users, now with fluid ease and simplicity thanks to a completely redesigned UI system, now have full control over their stuff! Because let’s face it, our stuff matters, and being able to put each and every one of our items exactly where we want them to go is absolutely essential!

With our new grid-based system, one which allows users to actually see their items and the slots allocated within their inventory, mobile players, just like on PC, now have the ability to completely ORGANIZE THEIR OWN STUFF– sort, stack, arrange, swap, split items, you name it! Mobile players can now manage their own inventories exactly as they see fit.

Hold up, we’re not done here yet, mobile players. What other improvements can you expect with the expansion? So many!

Loot and all items collected when gathering and crafting will now visually whoosh to your portrait, the Red Darrig chests have a special new screen which makes for opening the always fun chests vastly easier, the tapping and holding feature received a finely tuned overhaul as has the menu, a much needed ‘Change Password’ to one of your own choosing option has been added to the login screen, and we have hopefully eliminated a great many item shop annoyances. (No more fingers accidentally sliding onto unintended purchases! Actual purchased items will instantly arrive in your inventory, blinking to let you know! A pop-up receipt of your transaction will appear! A brand new much improved ‘Buy Crowns’ screen!)

What else? Mobile players, we hope you will especially enjoy the all new Quest Rewards system we have implemented. Finally, those hard earned rewards now have the thrill and excitement they deserve! What does that mean exactly? It means that receiving a quest reward is no longer just an innocuous bit of text which slips by without attention or fanfare. Rather, it is now an experience in itself!

Visually sumptuous and with zestfully voiced audio lines to match, the often amazing rewards are contained within giant animated, wiggling chests just itching to burst open and spill forth their fabulous treasures. And with the swipe of a finger, they do! For mobile players, gaining quest rewards within the game is not only more smooth and efficient, but it is now just plain FUN!

And speaking of claiming rewards, how many of you iOS and Android players are absolutely sick to death of that laborious chore of having to manually type a text code into the chat window in order to redeem a key code for a free gift?

It’s safe to say the answer is: all of you. Well, finally (and for real this time!), mobile players now have a button on the menu which instantly opens up the Redeem Code window, just like it does for PC users! Smooth. Simple. Satisfying.

Wrath of the Black Thrush is sure to put a smile on the faces of all our V&H mobile players!

Did You Also Know

Now of course all players, mobile and PC alike, are well aware that they can expect brand new content and the addition of Dungeons in this expansion, but did you know that’s not all? While big new stuff is always exciting, it’s often the smaller, subtle improvements and changes which really add the flavor and spice, the condiments if you will, to the larger entree being served.

Like what? How about all those bazillions of leftover quest items which annoyingly clog up your storage, no longer have a purpose, and seem only ever to just endlessly hang around? Good news! With this expansion, all quests will now tidily clean up after themselves — all excess quest items will automatically be removed from player inventories! No more mess, litter, or confusion.

Swimming, the riding of mounts, and teleporting have also received some much needed love! No more splashing uselessly about in water with an unresponsive avatar who looks and acts, well, just odd (or like they’re drowning) — instead, especially at high speeds, your swimming toons now move with the adept gracefulness they deserve.

And a number of changes have been made to mounts and the way in which they interact with the world! No more getting stuck, caught, or suddenly rendered immobile in the midst of a wild galloping session! Or finding yourselves bizarrely teleported onto roofs, rather like Santa Claus!

A few other little things all players can look forward to: the always favorite zone known as the Fungal Caverns of Basidio will now load a lot faster and has received both an internal and external revamping, a number of Pyrrus zones gained cosmetic enhancements which will improve overall playability in them, the calendar now automatically opens the first time players have a reward available, a bottomless ‘Overflow’ bag has been introduced, and a great many XP changes have been made which will at last begin to normalize and balance the issues introduced by Starfall and Wellspring!

New High Level Content!

The Zorian Marshlands. At last! This eerie swampland, wondrous and foreboding, which for so long now has lurked just out of reach for so many, is finally accessible.

All high level players, those who have successfully conquered the beasts and solved the many puzzles within Gortrin Passage may now push open that rusty door — that locked one you’ve been staring at for ages — and enter a brand new zone, where adventure, mystery, and an array of ominous surprises await.

You can expect: all new story-driven quests, new bosses, new crafting recipes, dazzling new sights, new gameplay mechanics, and much more! The level cap remains the same, however, and the four level 90 Elder Bosses will be added in a later patch. (Players will have a chance to learn about Jacinda, Baldok, Lannox, and Hox, the murderous beasts in the employ of Queen Zoria, though.)

The narrative continues as the Lumineers desperately search for their seventh member, the missing priest, Lysander. Just what did happen to him in the Crux, that elusive land where the enigmatic Queen Zoria imperiously reigns? What does the ghostly ship, The Scaldrum, and its sinister Lich Sea Captain, Theobald, have to do with the perilous situation Lysander now finds himself in?

Unravel these answers and more in this exciting new zone, where even greater rewards can be earned, not to mention the pleasure one receives from that always thrilling feeling of setting out to explore and conquer an undiscovered land!

New Mid-level Content!

And here it is, that for which this whole expansion has been named for, the much anticipated next chapter in the ongoing story of the Black Thrush has arrived!

Picking up just where it left off, players need only speak to Lady Philippa in a certain secret headquarters in Sailor’s End, to begin what will surely be a long, fun-filled ride through a great many zones navigating a dense quest chain which will unlock many a new secret, and leave players happily exhausted by the end. Should they survive the many dangerous perils along the way, that is.

Old zones have been made fantastically new again! And, no, we’re not talking about a few minor cosmetic tweaks here and there — we’re talking about completely re-designed zones, so much so, that you likely won’t even recognize them! Vast and magical, with an array of beautiful wonders within, the exploration aspect alone of this new content will undoubtedly intrigue players of every level in the game!

But what are zones without a story? Questers, get ready. Because we’ve got one for you. Wrath of the Black Thrush will not only have you uncovering the sinister origins of familiar evildoers of old, but in order to thwart the new dreadful plot currently underway by the Black Thrush, you must learn, too, just how those ancient histories are intricately connected to the mysterious leader of this terrible and every growing group of masked villains today.

All in all, expect an adventurous journey filled with exciting new gameplay mechanics, fabulous rewards, a new Elder Boss and a great many new bounties, new characters with all new voiced dialogue, and a dramatic cliffhanger to help keep players on their toes!


That’s right, it’s time for the introduction of repeatable group content to Villagers & Heroes! Welcome to Unlimited Gameplay!

The addition of Dungeons to our game provides players of every level an opportunity to join forces with their peers, and together as a party, brave and battle their way through a vast region which will require artful teamwork and skill — for the Dungeons are no simple matter!

Are the rewards worth it? YES! Players can look forward to extremely powerful armaments, large amounts of gold, and a substantial increase in xp upon completion of Heroic Dungeon quests. (Not to mention bragging rights!)

How does it work? The three Dungeons have been patterned after specific zones in the new Black Thrush content, and have been given the title ‘Heroic’ to distinguish them from those regular zones. The dungeons are: Heroic Halls of Salvation, Heroic Red Cloister, and Heroic Cathedral.

In order to enter a Dungeon and access its content, it is required that players complete all of the quests within the ‘regular’ version of the zone first. Upon completion, an NPC will then appear allowing players admittance into the Heroic version of that dungeon, to which they will then forever have access to.

Once in, gather a group together and have at it! Be sure to pick up the quest first though, or your efforts will all be for naught! Pressure in the form of a ticking clock will add to the fun (or maybe stress you out) because the faster your team can complete the Dungeon, the greater the rewards! A group can earn Gold Tier, Silver Tier, Bronze Tier, or No Tier. (But even a ‘No Tier’ will still offer great rewards!)

Dungeons can be repeated any number of times per day, and will offer equally good rewards each time!

Now let’s take a look back at our summer of Fan Fridays! You can all see what a creative and talented community we have! :)

Player: Athon Bloodborne (Azragor on forums)
Class: Warrior
Server: EU1
Platform: Android/PC

When did you first start playing Villagers & Heroes? How did you first learn about the game, or what made you initially download it in the Google Play Store? It was actually way back in time, when the game was called A Mystical Land. I had a warrior, and I do recall enjoying the game quite a bit, but for some reason I don’t remember anymore, I dropped it. I also lost that account, so it was this May if I remember well when I was searching for an MMORPG that was not too demanding time wise (funnily enough it managed to eat most of my free time), and could be played on mobile and PC as well. That’s how I’ve found it on the Google Playstore and with some shorter breaks due to real life happenings I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

Do you consider yourself a ‘gamer?’ If so, what sort of specific aspects appeal to you the most in games? The least? Which aspects keep you playing V&H? I do see myself as a gamer. I’m a sucker for good stories and storytelling. Any game with that has my attention. I’m also in love with progression both vertical and horizontal. It just feels really good to grow in power and skill, and use them to conquer even greater challenges. RPGs really have these aspects emphasized and that’s why it is my favourite genre when it comes to gaming. MMORPGs also add an extra bit of flair by adding other players into the fray, and that’s a certainly welcome addition in most cases.

Which leads to the least appealing aspect of gaming to me is PvP (player versus player). I have seen it bring so much toxicity and unwarranted hostility, it is a breath of fresh air when a game doesn’t have it. I feel like cooperating with others is a more rewarding experience, than trying to beat everyone else. As for V&H no PvP, a great helpful community, lots of content, huge world, crafting, exploring and my personal favourite, zingara hunting is what really keeps me going on a daily basis.

Our upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Black Thrush, will contain a number of mobile improvements in it. Are there any that you are especially looking forward to? Why? I have to admit one of my biggest issues with the mobile version was inventory management. I like ordering things my own way, but it’s not really possible on mobile. So for me the whole redesigned inventory/vault/house storage management UI is a huge quality of life improvement and I’m really looking forward to it.

What other features would you most like to see added down the road to improve the mobile V&H gaming experience? Number of rebirths being shown on mobile. Knowledge book, it’s really handy and deserves to be on mobile too. Gathering UI improvements. I’d enjoy it more if I could switch gathering supplies just like on PC. My final one, which might be impossible is to have a skill bar like on PC, or at least as many slots at the same time on the screen. Would probably too cramped, but I really don’t like tapping a button to switch the bar then tapping it again to switch back.

Here at V&H, we are truly lucky to have such a global community. If you don’t mind sharing, can you please tell us which country you reside in, and a little about where you live? I live in Budapest, the capital of Hungary (for those who don’t know it’s a small country in middle/eastern Europe). It’s a very beautiful city, definitely a worthy trip destination. And if you are here be sure to try our world famous wines and cuisine :)

You wrote an EXCELLENT guide on the forums about the warrior class! Can we expect another guide from you about a different class in the near future? If so, which one, and why? Aww, thank you so much *flattered*. I do have a Holy Priest and a Fire Wizard on my account. Holy Priest is a topic already covered in an amazing guide by Uther, so I might do a Fire Wizard at some point. He’s still low level, I plan to do 5 rebirths on my warrior first then probably jump onto him, and once I got enough experience I might just do that (if no one beats me to it).

However I do have some plans to write a guide about Rebirthing, since there are many neat tricks to it, and I’m sure it could help some people to do it in a more organized and effective way. Not to mention the fellow players could surely show me some new tricks as well in their posts, and I’m always eager to learn more.

If you could invite any historical figure (living or dead) over for dinner, who would it be and why? What dinner would you serve them? Oh I love this question. As a psychology student I really have to go with Sigmund Freud. It would be so interesting to spend some time with someone who did so much for psychology. Tell him how much psychology has evolved since his time. Learn what he thinks about the present days. For dinner I’d probably serve him modern food. Like frozen pizza or some fast food. Simply because I’d like to show him where we are now, and see what he thinks of it. Yes I love psychology and I love Freud.

Do you enjoy playing in the Event Zones? Why or why not? Do you have any ideas or suggestions for either new event zones, or elements you would like to see added to existing ones? I’ve tried Twilight Vale and Oasis of Anuk’Amon so far (both this year). I really loved the map and the ladder fight on Twilight Vale. My only gripe with it was the rewards and some of the very grindy looking quests. I think it’s better doing it the Oasis way. Have them as daily quests only killing/collecting/crafting a little each day. As for the rewards I feel like more permanent options would have been nice such as weapon/outfit gnogpacks or even a limited number of sockets.

Oasis of Anuk’Amon is amazing, I run it daily. The rewards are diverse and great. The quests, dailies are well done. The fights are fun too. I can’t say anything bad about it. People announcing bosses and waiting for others adds so much to the experience as well. So it was not only the desert warmth that made me feel all warm and fuzzy 😉 I’m really looking forward to see the other event zones, they are a great fun!

What was the last film you saw that you really enjoyed? And the last film you saw that you disliked? Anything in between? I made my girlfriend watch the rebooted Planet of the Apes trilogy not so long ago. The reason is because it’s one of my favourite film series (and now it’s hers too). It’s truly amazing and I really recommend it to anyone, who likes apes, action, great and interesting storytelling or anything in between.

I also love horror movies, however majority of them are not so great sadly. One of these examples is Truth or Dare which I watched in the cinema this summer. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch it. As for in between I watched Hotel Transylvania 3 lately, it’s a light hearted, funny, animated movie, you really can’t go wrong with it :)

Which aspect of V&H would you most like to see the devs do a livestream on? Why? If you could ask the lead game designer any question, what would it be? Game design has so much aspects to it, I think most of us mere mortals don’t even know. I’d love to see the birth of a quest chain from start to finish. What comes first? The story and you build the characters around them? Or the characters and you build the story around it? How do you design the looks of these characters? Their facial features, their outfits? Do they carry some meaning? How they get into the game? How do you come up with the zone it takes place in? What angles do you take into consideration when designing it? I could probably ask a lot more but I think you already get the picture. So some documentary style livestream I’d definitely find interesting to watch. As for the question, when will we get a Lightning infused bear mount to perfectly fit my Lightning Warrior? (one can dream yes? 😉 )

What is your guiltiest pleasure? In game: hunting zingaras. Even low level ones, they are like pokemon to me, gotta catch them all! As for outside the game, I have to go with Jono Yogo’s youghurt ice cream. I always tell myself beforehand to not buy too many and too much, but I just can’t help myself, once I step into the shop :)


It’s been awhile, but worth the wait we think! For the benefit of our newer players, please visit the Royal Guardians forum post, to learn just what a Guardian is, and how these exceptional players are selected. :)

We are very pleased to announce our newest Royal Guardians! Congratulations and our sincere thanks to the following individuals for their outstanding contributions to Villagers & Heroes.

Zazie (US1)

Playpunks (US2)

William Hououin (US3)

Izel (EU1)

Die Spielfee (EU2)

A HUGE thank you to Layla Littlenymph and Kaya Kittyfeathers for creating this wonderful little puzzle for all of you to enjoy! :)


A puzzle by Layla Littlenymph and Kaya Kittyfeathers

Greetings, my fellow Otter-kin!

There are a thousand and more reasons why players choose the names they do for characters. Interestingly enough, the choices they make often give us a glimpse of the person behind that character. One of the things we have noticed is that a surprisingly large number of you draw your inspiration from your favorite works of literature, animation, cinema, music, and even real-world heroes from history and pop culture. We have decided it might be fun to make a little puzzle out of this observation. Let’s find out how well you know the interests of your fellow players by testing you on the trivia behind these creative character names.

The rules are pretty simple. Below, you will find a list of 8 randomly selected character names that are derived from your fellow players’ personal interests. Each name has been assigned a number. Below that, you will find a list of 8 clues, each of which relates to one, and only one, of the character names. Each clue has been assigned a letter. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to pair the appropriate number [character] with the most appropriate letter [clue]. Once you have matched up the numbers and letters into 8 pairs [you might want to grab a pen and paper for that], find the Answer Key located at or near the end of the Ledger and see how well you did.

Being that Otter-kin are clever little creatures, we have little doubt you will puzzle them all out. Have a little fun with it, And may the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. Alita Ido
  2. Barbarella
  3. Carrie White
  4. Katniss Everdeen
  5. Lilliandil Starlit
  6. Raven Poe
  7. warriorcat
  8. Wednesday Child


A) My two-part name is derived from the combination of a famous American writer of the early 1800’s and one of their better-known poems. Sometimes in the darkest hours of the night, my thoughts turn to sorrow; “Sorrow for the lost Lenore. For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore. Nameless here for evermore.”

B) I never actually had a surname in the manga where I first appeared. The one I use here was the name of the professor that rebuilt and reanimated me after finding my remains in the local landfill. I suppose that may sound odd to some, but the life of a cyborg can take some interesting turns. In Japan, I am known as Gunmu, but English readers know me as The Battleangel.

C) Seven children were we, apace. The eldest of which was fair of face. The second born was full of grace. People said I was full of woe, unlike my younger who had far to go. The next child born was loving and giving, followed by one that worked hard for a living. The youngest was born on the Sabbath day, a perfect child in every way. Who I am is for you to say.

D) “I stare in the mirror as I try to remember who I am and who I am not.” Do you know who I am? No? How sad. Should I pity myself? Should I pity you? “Pity does not get you aid. Admiration at your refusal to give in does.” I hope you remember who I am for I am at a loss to further aid you. I wish you the best in this endeavor, ”And may the odds be ever in your favor.”

E) ThunderClan lives in the woodland areas. WindClan resides on the moors. RiverClan lives by the lake. ShadowClan resides within and around the swamps. SkyClan lives only within our memories. I need not tell you what clan is mine for you to know who… and what, I am.

F) Focus not upon my surname for it is my given name by which you will know me. I am the daughter of Ramandu and wife to Caspian. It was with my aid that my husband and the valiant crew of The Dawn Treader freed three of the seven great lords of their enchantment. It was to he that I bore our son, Rilian, and at his side that I ruled as a benevolent Queen. My name is recorded in The Chronicles. Do you know me?

G) I am an angst-ridden teen. I am very mild mannered but can sometimes have a fiery disposition if I become too heated. I don’t make friends easily. My Mom does not like me to have many friends, especially boys. I could be your friend if you promise to not upset me or make me angry. You would not like me when I’m angry. seriously, you would really, really not like that.

H) Believe it or not, I’m a highly skilled professional. I know I look too young for you to believe that but that’s because I’m from the 41’st century, so technically, I haven’t been born yet. I mean, that totally makes sense, right? Don’t underestimate me because one day I’ll save the universe. Well, I kinda already have but that’s in the future, but I’m like totally gonna do it. I like doin’ it. Just you wait. You’ll see.

*Answers can be found at the end of the Ledger under the Contest section.

This section needs no lengthy introduction. So without further ado, here is the Sneaky Scribbler! Thanks, Sneaky!

From the Sneaky Scribbler


When Your Dad Drops By V&H
Seven Sins: how do I get skills again?
Sir Gwier: Get a diploma and a degree


A Tale of Two Cities
TweetyBird: Nashville.. home of Moon Pies, RC cola and the Grand ole Oprey
Cardqueen: Chicago, home of the deep dish pizza and grand old oprah


How do I cacoon myself so I can metamorphosize into a level 1 version of myself? — Toothmover (US1)

When Norman Bates Meets A Spider
Silkslinger is defeated by Mommy Issues! (System message)


Bosom Buddies
AngelinaCopperscale: wouldn’t it suck if people here were sane? :smile:
Nihilismo: we’ll never know,AC


Damn That Random Name Generator!
Rulah: Prisma up
Prisma: no im going to sleep


Aisle 3
where do I get wc supplies? — Scous3 (EU1)

You Want Fries With That?
Ah…. But deep fried pig anus is awful — Wrothna (US2)

Third Time’s The Charm
Ygrith: anybody can help me kill lassan café?
Ygrith: ladyes café
Ygrith: Ladys Fate.


Slayer* …that it I’m going to my forge and getting a hammer to fix my Autocorrect! — Moon Bat (US1)

Somewhere Bon Jovi Is Cringing
Gharada: Woooahhhhh LIPSTICK ON A PEAR!!!!!!


On The Meaning of ‘Croak’
motamg: the bard could kill with songs
Mutsie: oh I can do that irl too


Me Smart
OMW. I’m a fury, but I can still think pretty good — Skurge (US2)

Where The Wild Things Are
Dark Talon: shall we do as the bears do?
Aveline Storm: wipe our butts with rabbits?
Vukovrag: dress in leather and grow mustaches?


That Glorious A-ha Moment
Carlee Helus: i need to make dustpun cloth but the lathe doesnt seem to have the option
Xyrx: vloth is made at spinning wheel
Solandr: spinning wheel
Beri Wilder: cloth is made on the spinning wheel
Xyrx: lathe for wood
Carlee Helus: wow that makes a lot of sensw
Beri Wilder: amazing isnt it?


When Directions On Where To Find Prisma Go Awry
Omnigma: F3
BiOnGo: I pressed it. What does it do?

And Sautee The Comedy?
cook drama to ge ability pwer — Bosmer (EU1)

How To Accept A Date
TheQueensKnight: Well shoot now it wants me to off the demon elder in hell, who wants to join me?
AngelinaCopperscale: go to Hell :smile:
AngelinaCopperscale: meet you there in a bit
TheQueensKnight: Lol thank u


Reality Pros and Cons
Sebasted: blahh gotta take a shower and go to work….real life is a pvp zone
Wendie: the only good thing about irl is that it has good graphics
World][Sebasted: and better pies


Item Shop Secrets Revealed
Ghanima: why does a chicken need brushed?
Skurge: gotta look,good,for the cocks


When Netflix Confuses V&H Players
Aurora ArchAngel: “TrollHunters” ? … that a docudrama about mmo mods?
Viranda: no


The Butt of the Joke
Vivienne VioletVeil: brings new meaning to the phrase Backfire…
Omnigma: backfiring dragon mount, ride with caution, stay clear of rear


Death To The Max
Vukovrag: quick, take away it’s credit cards.
Vukovrag: HOw else would you stop a Rhino from charging?



Did you know that here at the Ardent Ledger we absolutely LOVE IT when players send in submissions? As most of you already know, one of the most truly outstanding elements about Villagers & Heroes has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with you all: it’s our extraordinary player community which makes this game so special!

As such, can it be any surprise that we love opportunities to get to know our players more, and to learn about what they’ve been up to both in-game or out? We think, too, that players equally enjoy hearing about what their fellow V&H’ers have been doing!

So. Let’s try to make this little newsletter of ours as full-fledged and rounded as it can possibly be! We welcome any and all submissions! Like what? That’s up to you!

Do you enjoy writing? Send us a story, or an essay, or a poem, or an unusual anecdote! Do you participate in fun guild events? Tell us a about it! (And send some screenshots!) Are you a savvy connoisseur of V&H outfits? Send us a list of fashion do’s and don’ts! Do you enjoy making puzzles and games? Create something for your fellow V&H players to have fun with! (Yay, Layla and Kaya!) Did you just finish reading a fantasy book that you absolutely loved and are bursting to talk about it? Then send us a review! Do you have thoughts on the best ways to earn gold in the game? Tell us about them!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. So we very much hope to hear from more of you!

Submissions can be sent to:

[email protected]

Thank you, Everyone!

The Answer key to the FUN WITH NAMES puzzle by Layla and Kaya!


A Note From Layla:
Did you get em all? Did you like our little puzzle? Was it too easy? Too hard? Too boring? Too much fun than anyone Otter have?

Drop us a line, give us your feedback, and feel free to include any ‘inspired’ names you might happen to notice as you journey through this most Mystical Land. Who knows. You just might see something like this again, and if you can’t bear the thought of that, it’s up to you to complain.

You can contact Layla Littlenymph through the mail system on the V&H Forum, or Discord. You can also reach me on US-1-2 or 3, EU-English, or by carrier pigeon.


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