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The Ardent Monthly Ledger - Issue 5
September 4, 2015

Knowledge books by Lill

Our game is truly fortunate to have dedicated players who put their time and energy into creating fantastic informative guides and web sites, the contents of which benefit the entire community.

Lillita of EU 1, with the help of Xoka and Mark01, have created four separate knowledge books on the subjects of Plant Lore, Fishing, Mining, and Bug Lore. Each book, complete with pictures and the ability to turn pages, provides a detailed guide as to where every respective item is located, their levels, their recipes, any quests related to the items, tips, tricks, and, in general, all relevant information pertaining to that gathering lore.
The books, with their smooth, clean design, are extremely user-friendly, not to mention quite beautiful. Fantastic work, Lillita, Mark01, and Xoka!

To view these excellent knowledge books, please visit this website:

They can also be seen at:

Fan-made interviews!

We are very pleased to have a special volunteer reporter for this week’s edition of the Ledger. Puzzler of US 1 has devised her own questions, and found two willing subjects on her server. Many thanks to Puzzler, Temp512, and Irianna!

Player: Temp512
Class: Warrior

What was the first video game you have ever played? My first game was on Atari 2600 and was Pac-Man.

Do you have any favorite in-game moments? When I make friends in game.

What is your favorite breakfast? Eggs, bacon, gravy and biscuits.

What do you wish would happen in the game in the future? Longer and more involved quest lines.

Would you rather swim through a river full of Bog Frogs or a river full of Drakes? Why? Drakes. They are tougher to kill and do more damage to me.

What do you think about the V&H community? This is the best community there is. I have played a few other games but none of the people there helped like they do here.

What is your hidden talent (in game or in life)? Mechanically inclined – I can fix most things.

Would you rather eat cotton candy or M&Ms for a week? M&Ms – love chocolate.

What is your least favorite class to play, and why? Hunter – if not set up right they can’t take a large group on and survive.

Player: Irianna
Class: Warrior

What was the first video game you have ever played? Showing my age here, the first I remember playing is Space Invaders and Pac-Man. Besides the original Pong and Duck Hunt games.

Do you have any favorite in-game moments? My favorite in game moment was the day I was invited into my guild. I was only level 20 and in a guild that was practically non-existent. That was the moment I started to love this game.

What is your favorite breakfast? Full country breakfast… eggs, fresh sausage, hashbrowns, biscuits & gravy… the works. I make this for my family every Sunday morning. If they are really lucky they get french toast or pancakes as well.

What do you wish would happen in the game in the future? My hopes for the game in the future is that it has huge success and continues to expand. This is an experience that I want to go on forever. I would hate to see an actual end.

Would you rather swim through a river full of Bog Frogs or a river full of Drakes? Why? River full of Bog Frogs definitely! They are slow so maybe I could out swim them… plus I hate snakes, and that’s exactly what a drake is!

What do you think about the V&H community? This is the most interactive and helpful community I have ever experienced in-game. I don’t have a lot of history playing MMOs but if this community was not as friendly as it is, I would not have felt as comfortable as I do and may not be playing today.

What is your hidden talent (in game or in life)? I’m not sure I have any hidden talents… I am an all out there kind of person, not much is hidden :) My hubby says it is my cooking, LOL.

Would you rather eat cotton candy or M&Ms for a week? M&Ms for sure… which is funny because I am allergic to chocolate. I eat it, sneeze my head off, and keep eating it… I love chocolate :)

What is your least favorite class to play, and why? I think my least favorite class is wizard, although I love playing all the classes, so that really doesn’t answer your question. So let the record show that I don’t like this question. LOL.

Monster Drawing Contest Results

The winners of the Design Your Own Monster contest have been selected! The contest asked for participants to not only draw, or create through any artistic means, their own monster, but also to then provide a brief written synopsis of their creature.

The results were absolutely amazing! You can view all of the entries here:

Mad Otter artists, Ivar and Ryan, the judges, had the unenviable task of having to select the first, second, and third place winners. They deliberated for an entire day, carefully going back and forth between all of the submissions. Eventually, decisions were made, but they did not come easily, given the terrific quality of all the work.

But here they are, the winners of the Design Your Own Monster contest:

First Place: Kookaburra (US 1)
Second Place: Sighfrid (EU 1)
Third Place: Selia (EU 1)

Take a look below at the work of the first place winner, Kookaburra.



Lives in one of the Pyron Zones – maybe Sapphira’s Lament. He lives in a hidden glade where the sun never reaches.

Like the phoenix of legend, he returns from his own ashes in a burst of flame. When you think he is dead, you see him crumble in a pile of ashes. Then, with a flash so sudden and bright you are temporarily blinded, he spreads his flaming wings and rises above you.
He does not shoot fire as other bounties do, rather his fiery wings repel you with intense heat. He pushes you back or throws you aside with a rush of forge-hot-air, perhaps into the arms of his waiting minions. The burst of flames when he is reborn inflicts great damage and disconnects any targeting you may have on him.

He is most vulnerable to distance attacks but any article sent his way (a hunter’s arrow for example) may well be consumed in flame before doing any damage. The surest way to kill a phoenix is with ice. If you are quick enough to douse his ashes with water before he rises, you may kill him finally and completely. It is very unlikely that a single player could kill Feenicks, and even a group of players must approach him with a strategy and act with precision to extinguish his rebirth before he arises again and again.

Feenicks is aloof and proud. He has existed for millennia, ruling over his tiny domain with an exalted sense of his own role in the world. He expects to vanquish you but his hubris can be used against him. A coordinated team of all players can overcome his fierce and supercilious nature.



Name: Draknia
Location: Sea Caves, Realm of Ardent
Race: Ember Skink

Hamish, a wily old bandit and a particularly unpleasant fellow, stealthily hid amongst the brambles in Crystal Quarry and waited for his chance. Sure enough, the mammoth Ember Skink’s reptilian tail gradually stopped swishing, her fanged mouth let out a guttural yawn, and she dropped into a deep slumber. The fiery orange embers on her scaly back made it easy for Hamish to see as he crept through the darkness and deftly snatched the glowing white egg out from under her. The sleeping Ember Skink snored on, oblivious to the theft of her un-hatched child.

Hamish was gleeful, for he knew the egg would fetch a hefty price from the seedy witches who coveted so rare an ingredient for their dubious potions. With greedy thoughts of the wealth to come, he fell asleep only to be awoken by the egg, which violently trembled and shook and cracked wide open. A tiny Ember Skink poked its bald, lizard-like head out and blinked with wonder at Hamish, who was absolutely furious. There would be no wealth for him now. The witches wanted only eggs, which meant that the little creature teetering around in front of him, her tiny back afire with miniscule embers and her wide innocent eyes blinking up at him was absolutely worthless. He decided to kill her and grabbed his dagger. Hamish stood up, but then winced, for his gnarled old feet pained him greatly. He eyed the baby Ember Skink, and realized that perhaps she could be of some use to him after all.

Having never known her mother, or for that matter having never met another Ember Skink, Draknia, for that is what her master called her, knew only that she was an excellent foot stool and dutifully warmed Hamish’s aching feet every night. He whipped her if she didn’t, so she became rather adept at the task, just as she was with her other duties. She was Hamish’s portable hearth – he cooked his mutton soups over her fiery embers, made her stay awake all night to keep his chilly tent warm, and used her unending source of light to aid him in his stealthy nighttime prowls.

It started shortly after her first birthday, and Draknia, in horror, had no explanation for it. The fiery hot embers upon her scaly back began to slowly go out, one by one, till only a few remained. Her cold, dead embers infuriated Hamish, who whipped Draknia profusely and roared that she best get herself lit, or else. Draknia curled miserably up into a ball, and wracked her weary brains. She had no earthly idea why her embers had gone out, or how she could possibly emblazon them again.

The next morning, struck with a thought, Draknia ambitiously planted herself under the brightest rays of the scorching sun above, and waited. She waited for hours, but remained woefully unlit, and the hot sun only agitated the bleeding wounds on her back from Hamish’s whip. Next, she tried briskly rubbing against a tree in the hopes that her few remaining lit embers might spark the others. They didn’t, and this process, too, only made her wounds bleed more. Nighttime soon approached, and Draknia was in a fearful state of dread, for Hamish would expect to cook his mutton soup over her fiery hot back. She had but one lit ember left, which, several minutes later, flickered and waned and died out completely.

Hamish furiously took one look at the charred remnants of his portable hearth, and repeatedly kicked Draknia until she collapsed onto the ground. She blearily watched him reach for his whip. Perhaps it was instinct that made her do it, or maybe just plain hatred for the cruel man, but for the first time in her life, Draknia lunged at Hamish and took a great bite out of his leg. A strange thing happened then —several of her cold embers sparked to life and glowed with steady warmth. She took another enormous chunk out of the screaming Hamish, and still even more of her embers took to flame. Having discovered that Ember Skinks need only feed their fire with human flesh to stay lit, Draknia ecstatically devoured every last bit of Hamish.

These days she can most often be found in the sea caves around Ardent, where she is fat and happy, and always aglow. Draknia keeps herself extremely well fed, and she will never, ever, be any man’s foot stool again.

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