The World's Largest Mobile MMO!

Play on Android now! Join thousands of players, explore a massive world and experience a scope and depth never seen before in a mobile MMO! Villagers & Heroes is fully cross-platform and lets you play with the same account on both PC and Android.

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This is Villagers & Heroes

Experience the depth of a PC MMO, on mobile! Explore the fantastical Seven Realms with tens of thousands of players online from around the world, in this epic MMO where mighty battles will be fought, real friendships will be made, and where a rich crafting and gathering system exists unlike that found in any other mobile game!
  • Meet with other players and work together throughout the game!
  • Battle in rich combat with hundreds of items, skills and spells, and countless boss raids!
  • Explore hundreds of zones and quests!
  • Craft your own items, and specialize in trade skills such as woodcrafting, smithing, fishing, cooking and more!
  • Gather riches from the land, raise your own animals, and grow your own crops!
  • Play Cross-platform between PC and mobile!


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Villagers & Heroes released worldwide!

October 25th
The game is now available worldwide! View the game on the Play Store and join a world of thousands of players, hundreds of quests, and endless adventures!

Villagers and Heroes launches on Android October 25th!

June 30th The official global launch date of Villagers & Heroes is now out - get ready to play the game on Android devices the 25th of October! If you're in the UK or Scandinavia, no need to wait - you can already download and play the game using the Play Store button above.

Announcing Villagers and Heroes on mobile!

June 3rd Mad Otter Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Villagers & Heroes on Android devices - offering unparallelled scope and depth compared to any other mobile MMO on the market.

With hundreds of zones to explore, thousands of items to find and craft, tens of thousands of other players to befriend and an unlimited amount of things to do, Villagers & Heroes marks a shift in the landscape of mobile gaming and the return of a rich, deep MMO experience never seen before on mobile devices.

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