Welcome to a Land you’ll never want to leave!

Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO Game in which players will experience not just the thrill of battling unique monsters or the satisfaction of tailoring an exquisite robe, but the pleasure of building lasting friendships within a community that truly embraces its members. The game has something to offer everyone, including the opportunity to live a fantastical life that never felt so real. You can have it all!


Mysterious quests and terrifying foes await those brave heroes who choose to test their combat skills in a vastly different array of increasingly challenging zones. Whether fighting solo or with a group of friends, the monsters of V&H will test the minds and strengths of even the most hardened of players.


Player-customized outfits and weapons — no other game provides as much unique customization as the crafting in Villagers and Heroes. You can forge powerful swords for you and your friends, weave mystical robes, cook enchanted concoctions from the huckleberries you plucked from your garden, and most of all, customize all your clothing and gear so it looks exactly how you want it, and enchanted with exactly the spells and abilities you choose.

A Home in a Village!

You are the architect, the farmer, and the rancher. With a wide range of building styles to choose from, players can design and decorate their own houses, as well as choose which crops to plant in their garden, or select the type of animals they'd most like to raise. But players needn't go at it alone! Help your village grow from a tiny hamlet to a thriving metropolis by aiding your neighbors with community projects which will ultimately benefit every player alike.

A Lifestyle!

Everything matters in the V&H world, and it's all connected. The first seed planted in your garden will yield valuable crops, which will in turn provide nourishment for your character who will grow stronger in combat as a result. Or the better tended your sheep, the higher quality of wool with which to spin a magical tunic with. The possibilities are endless, and there are no restrictions except for players to simply live amongst friends and have fun.