COming May 14th
Villagers & Heroes: Wellspring is the newest expansion for the acclaimed cross-platform MMO. Villages are at the heart of the game - where players can come together, build a community, construct their own house, and engage in gardening, ranching, crafting, gathering and much more.

Wellspring is all about village life, and introduces customizable village environments, new village features on mobile, new projects and much more - as well as great improvements to gathering and crafting!

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Make Your New Home
Wellspring brings fully customizable environments for player villages! Choose from a wide range of skies, grass colors, and tree styles, to make your village truly yours.


Choose between 14 regions with day and night variants, which dictate the village sky, lighting and weather.

Deciduous Trees

Choose between 8 types of colorful leaf trees, which grow throughout the village.

Pine Trees

Choose between 8 types of radiant pine trees, which grow along the village borders.

Soil & Grass

Choose between 8 types of beautiful grass, flowers and soil, covering the entire village.

There are 7168 unique appearances in total - check out 100 of them below!

Govern On the Go
In Villagers & Heroes: Wellspring, the mobile version of the game now has access to many new village features!

Village Politics

Participate in village elections and start your own mayoral campaign, complete with customizable campaign slogans and colors!

Ranks & Mayoral Tools

Set up custom ranks for members of your village, change the village name and slogan, set vault access and more!

Animal Shopping List

Get an instant overview of all food items your ranching animals need!

Village Projects

Work together to contribute to a vast number of projects around the village, bringing all sorts of benefit for everyone!

There are 20 Village Projects in total - check out a few of them below!

Work THe Land
Villagers & Heroes has always been known for its deep gathering and crafting mechanics - in Wellspring we are taking this a step further, making the non-combat side of the game more engaging than ever before!

Auto-Gather & Craft

Starting gathering of a resource, or crafting of an item, you will now keep working on it, with no need to click every time!

Improved Gathering

Gathering has been streamlined and made more relevant to the world around you - there are fewer materials to gather, but ones that are more unique and interesting.

Improved Crafting

Crafting has been simplified so recipes make sense and follow familiar patterns. Recipes are now simple and easy to remember, no longer requiring a pen and paper handy.

Component Vendors

Not interested in leveling every crafting and gathering skill? Now you don't have to. With Wellspring there will be component vendors that sell what you need - while expensive, this brings even more choice to the player!
Overall, both crafting and gathering has been streamlined to make it as easy to use as possible, while retaining the depth and scope that Villagers & Heroes has always featured.

Daily Spoils
Villagers & Heroes: Wellspring adds brand new daily login rewards, grouped into monthly calendars. Log in each day in a month to get increasingly powerful items, and assemble a Grand Prize each month for even greater rewards!

Rewards vary by month - play during a seasonal event, and you can get your hands on truly unique items!

...and much more!
In addition to the above, these features are also coming with Villagers & Heroes: Wellspring!